Many people say that the volcano of Santorini has both destroyed and beneficiated the island. Its inhabitants and their civilization in general have been affected strongly by the volcano in a good and, at the same time, bad way.
An eruption that occurred in 1,600 BC extinguished any beings that lived in the island and buried an entire civilization under tones of lava. However, its ash gave birth to a new civilization that embraced this tremendous natural phenomenon, examined it and took benefit of its positive properties. Santorini island has been connected strongly with its volcano and the prior reason of its fame worldwide derives from it.


Santorini caldera

The caldera of Santorini


From one hard, the volcano seems to have torn a part of the island and even though having buried a big part of it, it has left behind one of the most impressive sceneries; a spectacular caldera that makes people gazing at it endlessly no matter if they are on the top or at the bottom of its cliff.

On the other hand, it has created a fertile earth which offers some unique products like grapes that are transformed into one of the tastiest wines all over the world. What is more, the volcanic earth and the landscape formation after the eruption have leaded the islander to the construction of cave-style house that have offered the island an amazingly beautiful and picturesque style.

The volcano of Santorini has made up for the disaster that it provoked to the habitants by becoming a great source of income for them. The beautiful scenery of the caldera, the view from Fira and Oia to the volcanic area, the architectural style of the cave houses, the colored volcanic pebbles and sand of the beaches and the romantic sceneries of the sunset over the caldera compensate the islanders by attracting a huge number of visitors from all over the world.


Santorini sunset

Santorini sunset

Terror and grandeur have made a weird alliance which derives from the earth’s innards and witnesses the power of the earth and its ability to transform and create the most beautiful pictures which no human brain could perceive.